20 Totally Unique California Themed Gifts: Give Some California Swag

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Here at California Crossings, we are cheerleaders for California. What better way to celebrate the Golden State than with some California gifts! These 20 items are perfect for you to give to a friend or family member who loves California. Or you can share the article with them as a heavy hint for your own wish list.

California Gift Guide

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California Themed Gifts Featuring Maps

The following California gifts celebrate the state with maps, sayings and iconography about our culture and natural resources.

Lowball Glass with Various California Maps

Lowball whiskey glass with San Francisco Map

These cool lowball glasses come with etched maps of California. They are billed as a whiskey glass, but they make a great gift, even for a non-drinker. The etched design runs around the whole glass. San Francisco is pictured, but the seller also has options for 54 other California cities and towns.

Sold by Southern Rascal on Etsy.

California Map Necklace

California map necklace for Carlsbad

These map necklaces have such a California sense of place. The necklace pictured comes in antique silver with a 24″ chain. LA, SF, San Diego, Encinitas and Carlsbad are featured in the Etsy store, however you can request a custom location order. Also available as cufflinks, earrings and bracelets.

Sold by Charming Maps on Etsy.

California Lakes Coffee Mugs

California themed gifts lake shasta mug

This series of California themed gifts celebrates our lovely lakes and coastlines. They come in a clean gold and green-blue design. You can order for a wide variety of lakes and coastlines like: Lake Shasta, Lake Tahoe, Channel Islands, June Lake Loop, Lake Arrowhead, Wrights Lake, Clearlake and the Central Coastline. In addition to mugs, the seller offers throw pillows, posters, beach towels, prints and signs.

Sold by Lakebound Shop on Etsy.

If you love California lakes, check out this guide for driving around Lake Tahoe.

Cute California Tea Towels (+ Other Stuff)

Pillow with California map

This whimsical map design showcases the best of CA with palm trees, sea lions, the Golden Gate Bridge and other cultural and natural landmarks. You can fill up the whole house with this design because the seller offers pillows, plates, mugs, journals and baby onsies.

Sold by Fish Kiss Brand on Etsy.


California-shaped Pewter & Silver Necklace

Sincerely Silver Etsy silver California necklace gift

This California shaped necklace is made from sterling silver and come with an 18″ chain. The store has options for customized stamps (like for your town name) and the option to add multiple charms.

Sold by Janet Sanda on Etsy.

California Themed Shirts and Bags

One of these t-shirts celebrates California in an in-your-face kind of way and the other is more subtle. But both are fun and could make great California gifts for the casual dresser (and who isn’t these days?) There’s also an offering from a made-in-California manufacturer.

California Poppy T-Shirt

Just Imagine etsy poppy flower t-shirt.

The poppy is California’s state flower and this cute tee shows it off nicely. They have poppy t-shirts in green, white, goldenrod and pink. And the store has a whole range of vintage botanical and flower prints.

Sold by Just Imagine Studios on Etsy.

California Bear T-shirt

California Bear T-shirt Love California Etsy

This tee brings California’s keystone animal front and center on a sunset-themed design. The store has a variety of California designs in men’s and women’s sizes. Everything is hand drawn and hand-printed in Orange County.

Sold by We Love California on Etsy.

Timbuk2 Messenger Bags

made in california timbuk2 extra small messenger bag gift

Timbuk2 bags are great if you want buy from companies that design and manufacture in California. Their bags are insanely sturdy and great for travel. I have the extra small bag, which is actually large enough to use as a camera bag when I’m out and about getting photography shots in San Francisco and beyond.

Sold by Amazon or REI.


Products Celebrating California Nature

California boasts 298 state parks, 33 national parks and historic sites and and 840 miles of coastline. So there is a LOT to love about the nature here. These nature-inspired California gifts will help you show it off.

Customized Sand Necklace

Made in California gift sand necklace

You can order a generic version of this necklace, which comes filled with sand from Grey Whale Cove near Half Moon Bay. But the truly cool part of this jewelry is that you can send the seller your own sand from a special place and they will customize the necklace for you. The jewelry charms are hand stamped and made of sterling silver.

Sold by My Beaded Butterfly on Etsy.

Stickers For California National Parks

California gifts national park stickers

These stickers have a clean modern design. They have been designed by Andres, who is on a mission to visit and illustrate all 62 national parks. This set represents the major parks in California. You can buy them individually or in a batch of nine.

Sold by National Park Art on Etsy.

Botanical Sage Lotion

california gift: sage lotion in purple bottle

California sage is known for its clean refreshing scent and its essential oils have cleansing and restorative properties. This lotion is made from the distilled essences of sage gathered from the foothills of Santa Barbara.

Sold by Refugio Gardens on Etsy.

California State and National Park Patches

gifts California- redwood state park patch

Nothing screams “I’m a California Cheerleader” than a colorful patch and this series from the Patch Parlor certainly fits that bill. They have over 100 California themed patches featuring state and natural parks, the state flag, the state flower, sports teams and historic sites.

Sold by Patch Parlor on Etsy.

52 Weekend Adventures in Northern California

steinstra weekend adventures in ca

Author Tom Stienstra is the San Francisco Chronicle’s outdoors writer and he’s been exploring California for decades. This book has a year’s worth of outdoorsy weekend adventures to places like Lassen National Park, Mendocino, Gold Country and wine country. Check out his author profile for other books on CA that cover CA camping, fishing, RVing and hiking.

Sold on Amazon.

If you are looking for more weekend getaway ideas, then check out this weekend itinerary for Santa Cruz, this getaway featuring things to do in Guerneville and these two days in Death Valley.

The High Sierra of California

high sierra coffee table snyder

This beautiful coffee table book is a collaboration between author Gary Snyder and illustrator Tom Killion. Killion’s Japanese style woodcuts are perfect for capturing the beauty of the Sierras. And Snyder channels John Muir with his lovely writings. This is a great nature gift from California and perfect for someone who also appreciates art.

I recommend getting the more expensive hardback– it makes a lovely coffee table book.

Sold on Amazon.

Foodie Gifts Made in California

The Midwest may be America’s breadbasket, but California is its everything-else-basket. We produce most of the fruit, vegetables, wine, olive oil and nuts in the US. We also definitely give Wisconsin and Vermont stiff competition when it comes to cheese. So these foodie-friendly California made products are great for showing off our bountiful harvests.

Start with our guide for 13 tasty California cookbooks. It features a wide range of California cuisine from bloggers, recipe makers and restauranteurs.

Aged Balsamic Vinegar from Olivier

Olivier balsamic vinegar gift

Olivier is a cute little gastronomy shop located in the Napa Valley town of Calistoga. They have a wide range of oils, vinegars and herb mixes. I recommend their barrel aged balsamic for its well-balanced, slightly sweet flavor.

Available directly from Olivier.com.

High Quality Olive Oil from Pasolivo

Pasolivo Classic Olive Oil gift

Paso Robles is known as a wine growing region, but they also grow some tasty olives too. Pasolivo has a variety of oils and vinegars, but I like their Classic. It’s fully flavored and peppery–perfect for salads.

Available directly from Pasolivo.com.

Visit the region and explore these fun things to do in Paso Robles.

Cowgirl Creamery Cheese Gift Pack

Cowgirl Creamery Classic gift pack

Cowgirl Creamery makes some of the best cheese in California and they’ve won tons of awards for it. It’s one of my favorite California gifts, having received it several times from my sister. Thanks Tracy! Cowgirl Creamery offers a variety of gift packs from the one pictured here to the $800 annual of-the-month-club (yes please!). Be sure to order one that offers the Wagon Wheel cheese- it makes the absolute best grilled cheese sandwiches.

Sold by Cowgirl Creamery

IN-N-OUT Burger Merch


IN-N-OUT is the quintessential California burger joint. In addition to the double double cheeseburger board shorts, disturbingly patterned with an animal style double cheeseburger, they also have normal t-shirts (for both humans and dogs), hats, household items and gift cards.

Sold by IN-N-OUT

St George’s Spirits

st georges gin

St George is a distiller located on a repurposed military base in Alameda, California. They make festive concoctions like spiced pear brandy and coffee liquor (which is way better than Kahlua, trust me). I also recommend the Botanivore Gin with an elderflower tonic.

Sold by BevMo

Mug for Arrested Development Fans

california mug-bluth

And our final offering sums up how we and Lucille Bluth feel about California. Nuff said.

Sold by Speak Social on Etsy

More CA Gift Ideas

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