Take a Hike in Quarry Park in Half Moon Bay: Everything You Need to Know

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Quarry Park on the Half Moon Bay Coastside is a lovely 517 acre park managed by San Mateo County. It has a series of multi-use trails that are friendly for kids, dogs, bikes and hikers. Visiting the shady Quarry Park is perfect for a warm day or if you are looking for some peace and quiet among the eucalyptus trees. The park is located in the hills above El Granada. It’s part of a series of connected trails on the Coastside, which includes the California Coastal Trail.

This guide is designed to encourage you to visit Quarry Park and answer your questions about how best to experience it.

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Quarry Park Half Moon Bay hiking trail. Trees and woman with dog

Some History about Quarry Park

Quarry Park was part of El Granada’s original “Burnham Plan” of 1906. Burnham was an architect and proponent of the “City Beautiful” movement which featured ocean front promenades, wide boulevards, tree-lined streets and parks. His vision for the town was realized in 1906 when the railroad came through and El Granada was developed. Quarry Park was part of that original plan and the land was also used for grazing and quarrying of rock for the paving of Highway 1.

In 1995, the county purchased the land and it’s been a park ever since.

Bench on hike in Quarry Park

Quarry Park FAQ

Where is Quarry Park?

It’s located 1 mile east of Surfer’s Beach in El Granada. You can get to the parking lot by car or via the Miranda East fire road from the coast.

Is There Parking at Quarry Park?

Yes. There are ~20 parking spots on site and some street parking available in the adjoining neighborhood.

What Are the On-site Amenities?

The park has a playground, 10 picnic tables, 4 barbeques and a bathroom. There is also a community garden under development.

Is Quarry Park Dog Friendly?

Yes! Dogs on leash are welcome.

Park Hours

The park opens at 8am everyday. Closing times vary, but usually around dusk or between 6-7pm.

Half Moon Bay quarry park trail and trees

How to Hike Quarry Park in Half Moon Bay

There are a series of interconnected trails throughout the park. So, you can walk as little or as much as you like. If you are interested in putting on some mileage, then take the full Quarry Park loop, which is approximately 4 miles and 1,100 feet of elevation gain. Here’s the route:

  • Parking Lot to Vista Point Trail to South Ridge– .9 miles
  • Up South Ridge to the Private Road– .9 miles
  • Private Road to Dolphine Fire Road– .6 miles
  • Dolphine Fire Road to Middle Ridge Trail– .7 miles
  • Middle Ridge Trail to Parking lot– .8 miles

There are a few things you should pay attention to while hiking in Quarry Park. The first is that, while the trails are easy to spot, there isn’t good signage. And there are lots of smaller trails connecting the main trails. So, if you want to do the route suggested here, bookmark the page and use the Quarry Park map below to guide you. Or just wander around among the trees, and get slightly lost– that works too.

The second is that you need to be alert for mountain bikers. The section coming down on the northeastern part of the Dolphine fire road is particularly tricky. The bikes can come barreling down the trail, so stay to the side or take one of the many side paths. This section is noted on the map below.

The third is that the southeast border of the park abuts a private road. The county map posted at the parking lot gives the impression that you can’t hike from the South Ridge trail north to Dophine fire road along the private road. However both Alltrails and experienced locals say that it’s OK to walk along the private road as long as you don’t enter the grounds where the house is located.

And however you explore the park, don’t forget to stop at the labyrinth. It’s located straight up the Quarry trail from the parking lot.

El Granada Quarry Park labyrinthEl Granada Quarry Park labyrinthEl Granada Quarry Park labyrinth

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Quarry Park Map

All of the spots noted above are also on this Quarry Park Map.

Blooming lily in Quarry Park

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